deli In 1990 the Kastanias family bought into Lugarno delicatessen, whereby they had the pleasure of meeting the most genuinely caring people and customers. They got involved with the local shows in Lugarno held at the old Baptist Club in Mortdale, where locals also participated providing fun, entertainment and unity for the community in Lugarno. They also provided lots of support for local charities and schools, by giving vouchers and supporting them at events such as trivia nights.

In the community, the Kastanias family have seen tremendous acts of compassion and generosity to those in times of tragedy - and we feel the need to support them like one big family. In 1993, Rita moved to Queensland for business, however nothing was like living in the St George Area - especially in regards to the atmosphere and security for my children. So in 1996, she returned to Lugarno and worked to help the rest of the family at Lugarno Deli Cafe.

In 2004, Rita was offered the great opportunity to own Lugarno Deli, and since then has provided service for the past 8 years to the best customers, community in Lugarno and surrounding suburbs. But in 23 years, the Kastanias family have seen Lugarno and the St George area change and grow in a positive direction.

In 2009, Lugarno Deli Cafe won the St George business awards and also the Hurstville council award. In 2010, Lugarno deli version 2 evolved with the renovations - so whilst renovations took place they hired a coffee cart and even customers got involved with the day to day progress of the deli! It was awesome - and they all couldn't wait till it was finished.

In 2012, Lugarno deli cafe won the St George business awards again, thanks to all the great loyal customers and the wonderful staff which as a team and family make Lugarno Deli what it is today.